Top 5 Xmas Stocking Fillers for a BBQ Fan

fill your stockings here ! ….

Top 5 Xmas BBQ Stocking FillersSo what Xmas gifts do you buy the avid BBQ fan. We have had a look at some of the most useful BBQ gadgets, tools, call them what you like.

The top 5 Xmas BBQ Stocking fillers, what we would love Santa to bring us this year…


5 – Food thermometer.

Amir Food Thermometer     

Nobody likes to eat half cooked food, for a little under a tenner you can ensure you meat is cooked all the way through…


4 – Heat Resistant Gloves

TTLife Heat Resistant Gloves

Trying to find the Tea Towel when you want to grab something off the BBQ quick, not quite grabbing it right and burning your hands…. We’ve all been there, These gloves work a treat , they fit like the proverbial and work really well



3 – Meat Claws

Kodiak Meat Klaws

Yes, they do look like an offensive weapon, and you could probably use them to fight off bears, but in the UK, we don’t get too many bears. These Meat claws make light work of anything “pulled” be it chicken, pork, beef..



2 – Beer Bird – Beer can chicken holder

Beer Bird

This has got to be one of the best and easiest ways to cook a whole chicken, take a beverage of your choice, place it in the holder. It can be any drink we have used beer, cider, lemonade whatever floats your boat as long as it is in a can and not a glass! Shove the chicken down on the beer can and let the liquid steam and cook the chicken from the inside. Lovely moist chicken, every time. In our experience it doesn’t fail.



1 – Chimney Starter

BBQ Chimney Starter

Have you spent hours trying to light the charcoal on a “proper” BBQ?! If you have never tried one of these they are a revelation. At one point I almost had to hand in my man card as I couldn’t get a decent BBQ going to save my life. Then I came across one of these and it never fails. Lives outside day and night all year round.

Pop some newspaper in the bottom, fill the top section with charcoal , light the paper and the chimney effect draws the heat up and gets the charcoal going in no time at all…


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