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The Best Firepits in the World…

Firepit or Work of Art? The ideal centre piece for your BBQ area.

The Best Firepits in the World?



We have all seen the bog standard firepits that you get from Homebase and B&Q, the tiny little things that end up sitting in the corner of the garden all rusty. What about if your firepit was the centre piece to your garden or BBQ area? These are by no means cheap firepits, in fact, just to call them firepits serves them an injustice, these are quite clearly works of art for your garden, which also keep you warm!


Prices and Sizes picture

Here you can see the three standard sizes the firepits come in and their starting prices. Andy can customise any of these and increase the size upto 1400mm which would be a statement in the biggest of gardens! Have a look HERE to see more about the prices direct from their website.

How are they made?

All of the firepits start life as 6mm thick steel hemispheres , which are then welded together to create a ball, the design is sketched on to the firepit by artists and then they are cut out by hand, well with the help of a plasma cutter ! Have a look at the video below which shows exactly how they are made.

So are these the best firepits in the world? Here at TheBBQist, we think so, British made, hand crafted, lovingly designed Firepits by experts can only equate to the best in the world, what do you think?


Want to learn more about these amazing firepits and perhaps even treat yourself to one, head on over to The Firepit Company , they will definitely look after you  .


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