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Kamado Joe JoeTisserie Rotisserie!

Yep, you read that right, a rotisserie for your Kamado…

Joetisserie Rotisserie !

So if you are anything like me, when you brought your Kamado Joe you never imagined that you would be able to fit a rotisserie to it. Those clever guys and girls over at Kamado Joe have built a special attachment that fits in between the body and the lid, still allowing the lid to close and create the perfect seal. The Joetisserie is a revolution in Kamado cooking.

As you can see from the video from John Setzler, the Joetisserie works an absolute treat, perfectly cooking a chicken.

The Joetisserie regularly sells out over here in the UK, but it has recently been available on Amazon HERE, please shop around though as I have seen it cheaper at other outlets.

It is great to see these new developments for the Kamado style BBQ’s, I really love cooking on the Kamado Joe, so being able to develop my cooking style with these new attachments really excites me. Pop over to Kamado Joe, to see the full specs on the Joetisserie.





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