Meat and Greet 2018

Fun, informal BBQ “Meat” up for everyone !

Drinking leads to all the best plans! Thats exactly how this event came about, inspired by the Country Wood Smoke Tailgate event earlier this year in Devon, a drunken discussion between the organiser of this event and his mates led to an idea that a BBQ weekend should be given a go in a more central location, and here we are! Good to his word this event has been setup. A four acre site in Buckinghamshire has been found, where you can do pretty much whatever you want for the weekend, sole use has been secured, so it is time to get smokey !!

“Meat & Greet” has been set up purely by BBQ enthusiasts for like minded people. There is absolutely no commercial element to any of this, no sponsorship, no stands, no competitions it is honestly just like going camping with your friends, but with better food !

This isn’t one of those snobby BBQ events where everyone turns up with the latest gear, nope, you turn up with what you have, pop some charcoal, wood or pellets in it and away you go. Last time there were all manner of BBQ’s from Weber Kettles to Asado Crosses, to holes in the ground!

If you love BBQ, eating outdoors and camping this will be one of the best weekends of the year, come along; bring food, alcohol, family, friends and pets and have a bloody good weekend away.

Photos from CWS tailgate event

Hang on, What is Country Wood Smoke?

What?! Where have you been, was set up by the BBQ master Marcus Bawdon, Marcus was a vegetarian for 14 years and when he decided to come back to meat, he came back in a big way! With a website, YouTube channel, magazine, cookery courses, heck, he loves meat. One of the most popular BBQ Facebook pages is the CountryWoodSmoke page. If you love BBQ, meat, eating outdoors you really need to get involved!


How much does it cost ?

Adults are £15 for the night and that includes camping at the site. If you fancy just rocking up on the day without the camping then it is only £8. Kids go free, pets allowed (well dogs, wouldn’t risk bringing pet pig along to be honest !)


Camping ?

Yep, come and camp Saturday night camping is included in the £15, if you want to make a weekend of it then you can stay the Friday and Sunday night for £12 per night extra. There is no extra charge no matter what you want to stay in , so bring along your camper van , caravan, yurt , whatever you fancy…. Can you tell it is quite relaxed !

There will be toilets, there may be showers, but honestly do you need them you’re going to be covered in smoke from the moment you get there, so just embrace it.

Photos from CWS tailgate event

Where is it then ?

Right on the M40, so great road links to get there. Should be no excuses !

When is it?

The weekend of the 28-29th July 2018.


How do I book?

Get on over to the Meat and Greet Facebook page and buy your tickets, they need a certain number to put the event on, so get involved and have a great weekend away with like minded people enjoying the outdoors, BBQ, beer and the inevitable banter !



Photos from CWS tailgate event


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