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Achilles Chef’s Knife

Can it be beautiful and functional?

Before we get in to the nitty gritty of whether this knife is any good (spoiler, it is!). Let us have a look a the history behind the brand Sternsteiger.

History of Sternsteiger :

Not long after Sternsteiger set up business it moved its operational base to Solingen, which is affectionately known as the “City of Blades’. Going back to the 14th Centruy this city has been forging blades. Sternsteiger knew this was the right place to be to make these beautiful knives.

With nearly 700 years of experience in this City along with cutting edge 3D modelling Sternsteiger have been able to produce, what they believe to be the future of knife design.

Development / Design :

Throughout the design of this knife, Sternsteiger have used 3D CAD and 3D printing techniques to ensure that the knife is as ergonomic as possible.

TheBBQist 3D knife test

The final design, following years of hard work, is beautiful. It balances exceptionally well in your hand, although, holding a knife with a contoured handle such as this takes a few minutes to adjust to, once you have adjusted it feels just right.

Kickstarter :

Developing and designing a knife, such as this, is not cheap. Sternsteiger turned to crowd funding to get this project of the ground. They set an initial goal of £6,930, which has been smashed and as at the time of publication is at £80,134. Have a look at their Kickstarter Campaign HERE

Award Winning :

This year the knife has won the German Design Award for this knife, the team are quite rightly very proud of this achievement and it goes to show just how well thought out and executed the design of this knife is.


Review :

So, I guess, the question is, what do we think of it, you’ve heard about the company, but actually what is it like in real life…

First Impressions :

The knife arrived here at TheBBQist HQ the other day. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, we’ve all seen or even experienced the horror stories from Kickstarter, but you can rest assured this is not one of them. The knife comes packaged very well. The wooden case comes in an outer sleeve.

The presentation box it comes in, keeps the knife well protected during delivery. Personally I wouldn’t keep the knife in the box, and I’m not sure that is what it was designed for, but if you give this knife as a gift, then it will definitely impress.


Use :

To put it through its paces, what better than to have a BBQ. My wife and I prepared a nice steak dinner, including home made chips and we used this knife for everything. Normally we would end up with a variety of knives but honestly this knife made short work of everything we tried.

Now, to give some context, I’m a fairly large chap and this knife fitted my hand well. It took a few minutes to get used to the handling of the knife. I’ve only ever used knives with curved handles none have been contoured like the handle is on this and you can tell there has been a lot of work go in to the design of this knife. Mrs BBQist had a go with the knife, (she is smaller than me!) normally she would use smaller knives for everything, but she got on well with this for prepping the potatoes. Would it be her go to knife everyday, no, but she was very impressed with the balance and fit in her hand and she will definitely use it when the need arises.

So I trimmed the fat (just a little!) on the edge of a massive piece of steak, chopped up the veggies for the kebabs and then used the same knife to carve the steak for serving up afterwards.

Gratuitous BBQ Shots Coming Up…

Prepping the Steak and Kebabs to go on the Kamado Joe

Steak and Kebabs Grilling

Finishing off the steak, Dirty Style ! Honestly if you have never done this before, it really adds flavour to any of your steaks. Give it a go and let me know how you get on, you won’t regret it!

Achilles Knife Review

Final Thoughts :

Full disclosure, Sternsteiger sent me this knife to review, after I contacted them asking if I could. I was never asked to give a positive review, so these are mine and Mrs BBQist’s thoughts alone.

This knife is as beautiful as it is functional. From the moment you pick the knife up you can tell that it has had a lot of thought, care and imagination go in to the design. As I mentioned above, when I first picked it up it took me a few minutes to get used to the knife, I wasn’t sure i was holding it right, but, I soon worked out that due to the design, you are holding the knife perfectly. It is balanced exactly with the sharpest blade I have ever come across and as such was a pleasure to use. Mrs BBQist also got on well with the knife, this wouldn’t be her “go to” knife but she would definitely use it.

It chopped everything with precision and also allowed me to cut some very thin slices of the steak with no dramas at all.

I think the point is with knives; is there one knife, for every circumstance, no. This knife forms part of a tool kit that you will go back to time and time again. Sternsteiger have realised this and are releasing a bread knife and pairing style knife in this style.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this knife, it handles brilliantly, cuts exceptionally well and also looks amazing!


How to Buy?

So if you want to get involved in the kickstarter campaign. CLICK HERE to go and see what they are up to and to get access to all of their Social Media.


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